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If you have foot problems, visit Rochester, NY's expert foot doctor

Expert podiatry care for the whole family
Dr. Faith D Adams is your professional podiatrist clinic in Rochester, NY. We specialize in feet and offer expert medical care for all kinds of uncomfortable foot conditions. Take care of your feet with a visit to your local foot doctor.


Orthoses are in-shoe devices, custom made for your foot, to comfortably align and improve its function. Orthotics can help correct postural issues and subsequent problems in the rest of the body. They are medical shoe inserts that can be designed in a variety of materials, from soft to firm. Did you know? Incorrect foot alignment, abnormal walking patterns and common conditions such as flat feet can be rectified with orthotics. They can relieve and prevent pain in your feet, legs, knees, hips or back. Contact us for more information.

Corrective Treatment

The expert team at Dr. Faith D Adams can provide you with professional advice on how to maintain healthy feet. Certain exercises, hygiene treatments, devices and proper footwear can help prevent further problems with your feet. Trust Rochester's local foot doctor to give you the right advice on caring for your feet.

Custom Sandals, Birkenstocks & Clogs

If you wear insoles or orthotics in your shoes and want to wear sandals, what do you do? Birkenstock sandals, footwear and clogs may be the solution. They offer excellent arch support and help control foot pain. They are comfortable shoes and most often used for general use and walking. Contact us at (588) 425-1880 for an appointment with our foot doctor to discuss the footwear recommended by our podiatrists!
If you have foot problems, visit Rochester NY's expert foot doctor

Our commitment to you

Our team of doctors in Rochester specializes in adult and pediatric foot disorders from the most common to the most complex problems. We offer some of the highest level of expertise and care available in the Rochester area. We take pride in providing you with a comfortable experience and ensuring that our patients have a visit that is stress-free. Contact us today and just relax!
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